The Power for Peace

The Advent Community Journal for “The Power for Peace” devotional (The Gift of Advent, 51-53).

● How does the waiting experience of Advent reveal our need for God’s help?

● Listen to your favorite version of O Holy Night (and if you feel comfortable, sing along!)

(Please share links to your favorite YouTube videos of O Holy Night)

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This is an awesome version of O Holy Night:

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I feel I have much experience both before and after accepting Christ to know that my own efforts at peace often fail. When my abilities keep up with demands, I feel good and when they dont, I can feel terrible. To get off this emotional roller coaster, I know my trust has to go beyond developing my own abilities. Advent reminds us that Jesus recognizes our helplessness. We can go to him to move away from self-confidence to confidence in God. This is worth pursuing because godly confidence is not dependent on our ability but on the truth of God’s word. (Phil 1:6). Being immersed in a culture that values self-esteem and as it seems to work for some people, it takes faith and being in a community of like minded believers to pursue this unshakeable confidence that only God gives.