Infographic: How do we know God exists?

Hi @MissionalMembers,

Recently my kids asked me at dinner, “Dad, how do we know that God exists?”

We talked about it, but I’m not sure it sunk in for them. As I asked them to give their best answers, sometimes they weren’t sure how to put it. (To their credit, they’re in elementary school).

Even with adults, I’ve found that sometimes, discussions about Christianity, the big questions, etc. can feel very abstract.

And because there are so many complexities, we can get lost in the discussion.

But what we want is clarity and specificity.

So I created a little infographic to give my family something concrete to look at it together. I find that having something written and printed it is more ‘real’ than if we only talk about it.

The PDF is attached so you could use it as a conversation starter with one of your friends - or maybe your kids, if you happen to have kids around.

Why not give it a try? I’m curious to hear your stories.

How Do We Know God Exists Infographic.pdf (111.2 KB)


This is great, thanks for sharing! It’s something I’ve been discussing with kids aged 8-14 at our home education group in the last few months.

I was trying to share this from my phone but as it’s in the members only category, I wasn’t sure if others outside of UP would be able to access the link. I could download onto my laptop but I was just trying to share in WhatsApp. Is it possible to make this available outside of the current category, please?

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Hi everyone,

This post was originally shared for our Missional Members! Today you get a free preview because Alison is on mission and wants to use this to equip others! Enjoy!

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Thanks @Carson :grinning:

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Guess I have to apologize for sharing the infographic in public on FB as MyStory.
Didn’t think of asking permission first.
Please advise if I have to take it down ASAP.


All good - I’m honored that you shared it!


The inforgraphic looks good, I’ll try it out with my friends as well!