I would like to find a mentor and or accountability partner!

strong textHello, I’m Kassy. I am on a new journey in life to find out who I am in God’s eyes. This can be a daunting task and has been a road of many ups and downs thus far. I recently was handed a book on the THE WEEKLY FAITH PROJECT. It is a challenge to journal reflect and cultivate a genuine faith. I have decided to start this tomorrow. However, I also know my past when at times things get too emotionally challenging and start a new \old habit. I used to love journaling. I lost my heart for it and have struggled since. I truly want to grow my faith and get back to the essence of my real feelings since I went on autopilot to survive some of the hardest years of my life. Unfortunately, that means opening up to God and myself and being real and feeling the things I went threw. For that, I ask for your help. I would like a mentor to help me try to communicate and possibly have sage advice to help me through some of the issues. I would also like to find one or even more accountability partners to help keep me on the course of daily journaling and staying honest about what I am going through and going through and to have some honest growth and space and breakthroughs in this area of my life. I know that this is a lot to ask of people I do not know and it is honestly a lot to take on. I ask that you pray for me and see if you are the right person to help or offer suggestions. Help is useful and I look forward to this new journey. Thank you and be blessed. :heart: :100: :pray: :pray:


Hi @kassandra!

That’s awesome! I love your desire to connect with other people. From a sustainability point of view, the best way to do this is to become a Missional Partner (Missional Partnership — Uncommon Pursuit).

You might feel more comfortable sharing some of these thoughts in the private community that only Missional Partners can access. And we have a weekly Zoom call where you can meet me and others on video. We usually start each week’s meeting with sharing personal updates and praying for each other before we get into the Bible study.

Of course, 100%, the online community remains free and you can share any struggles you want in the community - you’ll get compassionate, caring responses from your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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@kassandra ,

I am praying for you and for your continued growth. I too have had massive struggles and have stepped away from God because I didn’t feel that He cared. I questioned His very existence more times than I can count, and the thing you need to really internalize is That is Okay! I think at some point we’ve all questioned, walked away, been angry at, or felt abandoned by God. I’ve discovered that, when I feel this way is when He’s doing some work on me or in me. Journal those feelings. Write down your questions. Write out your anger, sadness, or rage, but also document your happiness and unbelievable joy. Write down the answers you find. Write down the sign He sends that only YOU can understand. My journaling takes the shape of songwriting, i know others who are poets and some who rambles without punctuation. You’re doing it for yourself and God, so write Him a letter if that’s what you need, but just TALK to Him.

You can’t meet someone and decide “this is my best friend”. It takes time to build a relationship, and relationships are a 2- way street. You have to spend time greeting to know someone, and the only way to do that is to ask questions and listen to the answer. Your relationship with God is the same way. Ask your questions, read the Book He gave us that tells you about Him, and LISTEN for that “still, soft, voice” to whisper the answer.

You’re in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

Blessings and peace to you