Hope - Day 2 - Meeting our needs

The Advent Community Journal for the “Meeting our Needs” devotional (The Gift of Advent, 18-19).

  • When have you had to trust God without knowing the outcome?
  • How does the story of Abraham give you hope that God will meet our needs?
  • How has the Lamb of God given you hope that God will meet our needs?

Being the only Christian in a hindu family, when I was still single, I wondered if I would have to go against my parent’s wishes to be married to a Christian man and have a Christian wedding. There were many years of waiting and difficult times. Amazingly, the Lord worked in my parent’s hearts over 10 years, to finally accept my desires and they even played a part in the Christian wedding. My prayers were answered the day I confessed to the Lord that He was more important to me than getting married. God provided an answer just at the right time when I was ready to accept His will no matter the outcome. This experience has often encouraged me and helped me know that nothing happens by chance in the lives of God’s children but He works all things together for the good of those He calls according to His purpose ( Rom 8:28).