Hope and Lament

The Advent Community Journal for the “Hope and Lament” devotional (The Gift of Advent, 21-23).

● When have you felt spiritually weak or worn down? How did God meet you in that place?|

● In what ways can you embrace honesty and vulnerability in your relationship with God during this Advent season? How might this openness deepen your experience of hope?|

● How can we support others who are feeling disillusioned or distressed this Advent season?|


God has often met me when I am spiritually worn down through Christian friends. They have been a source of direction, a prayer support, and encouragement by just being there. One of the ways I can feel worn down is by not challenging the thoughts that lead to feelings of weariness in my spirit. I have found that intentionally submitting my thoughts to Christ , correcting faulty thinking, and renewing my mind with God’s word can bring much relief when feeling hopeless.


This is so true, and is something I usually realise later rather than sooner. In fact my spiritual weariness is usually a sign that I haven’t been submitting my thoughts to Christ!

I found today’s reading so encouraging. I’m doing it with my kids, and we had a good discussion on what it even means to share vulnerably with someone else. It’s funny how there’s a natural inclination to hold ourselves together and not let on that we’re struggling, even in children. I think it’s good that we had this chat today as a family to realise that we don’t have to hold it together because we have Jesus with us and friends around us.