Engaging with apathetic friends

Hi friends,

When you have a friend who is apathetic - just disinterested in religion - is it a dead end?

Or have you found ways to discover or awaken spiritual interest?


I have some friends who are considerably apathetic towards religion and the deeper issues of life overall. Mainly that they have come to accept their life for what it is and are comfortable with the state that they are in. I personally find it extremely difficult to bring up the subject of Christianity to begin with, which makes it challenging to minister to them.

Nonetheless, I’ve discovered that one possible way to open them up to religion would be to share your life with them. When talking about different experiences regarding life experiences, there would be no harm in sharing what God did in your life and how he came through for you. Sharing Godly wisdom and life lessons often open them up to hearing about how you learnt about them.

Even if they do not actively seek out religion, our Godly character acts as the gospel that they read. Our way of life and worldview speaks to them in a manner that only God can, and when they are ready we can begin to minister to them more directly.