A Meal of Peace

The Advent Community Journal for the “A Meal of Peace” devotional (The Gift of Advent, 39-41).

● What makes you feel distant from God or undeserving of His love?

● How does the coming of Jesus assure you that God wants to be at peace with you?


I hear of many situations where sincere Christians have done what they knew was right to do but unexpected sad things happened, whether its relationships or ministry. At these times, our hearts may wonder if God’s favor has passed us? Some of us look inwards and wonder if we have done something wrong to not deserve God’s love or blessings. But the coming of Jesus is an assurance that God loved us when we were still sinners. When I am burdened in a way that leads to self-condemnation, I recognize that burden is not from God. God’s conviction is never a burden but gentle just as Jesus says in Matt 11: 28-30.